The Heart of An Evangelist


If you are going to keep up with my travels as an evangelist or support the Lord’s work through me, then it is important that you know some things about me. From time to time, I hope to give you reports about what I am doing and give you some insight into my life and how God brought me to where I am today.

I was saved at the age of 6 years old (March 15, 1992). I can remember the song that was playing – “Oh Why Not Tonight?” – which is page 397 in the All American Baptist Hymnal (green-back). Once I was saved, I went home and got the phone book out and started calling people and telling them about Jesus. A few days later, the Lord moved on me again, and I went door to door in my neighborhood telling people about Jesus. Later, I stood on my desk to tell my classmates about Jesus.

Since the time I was saved, I have always tried to tell people about Jesus. There have been times when this manifested stronger than others (such as now), but the message has been the same. Over time, I have met people with different life problems. I would share that aspect of Jesus that helped them best in their situation. My heart has always been to help people where ever they were at with whatever problem they were facing. The answer to everyone’s problems is the same; a true, genuine relationship with Jesus. However, different people need to see a different aspect of Jesus based on their life situation.

Now that I am an ordained Evangelist, I understand my calling going forward by looking at how God has moved on me in the past. If you study the Hebrew and Greek word for Evangelist, it means a messenger who proclaims victory from war. As Paul said, “…we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” (Romans 8:37). An evangelist proclaims the victory that you have in Christ before you or anyone else sees the physical manifestation. An evangelist is sent to set the captives free.

Imagine that you have cancer (some of you may). If I offered you the cure to cancer, would you take it? I hope the answer is yes! Let’s say you had a problem in life that has been holding you back from gaining victory spiritually. If I offered you the answer to the problem or the roadmap to your victory, would you take it? Once  again, I hope the answer is yes! God sends the Evangelist to help people where they are at by manifesting the aspect of Christ that is the key to their spiritual victory. There are healings, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, prophesies, and other manifestations that people need to receive victory and walk into the life of being “more than a conquerer”. An evangelist is sent to offer Christ-centered solutions to life’s frustrating struggles.

What breaks my heart is when God sends me to offer the solution and people don’t take it. There are so many people I have met over the years that have refused the cure to their spiritual “cancer”. This can be not only heart-breaking, but frustrating. Spiritually, God is showing me the answer. I can see so clearly how God will solve the problem. The choice is theirs, not mine. All we have to do is receive it! All I can do is pray and ask God to help me deliver His spiritual solutions in the way that gives Him the greatest glory. Also, I pray that others receive it!

This is the true heart of evangelism. There are people in this world who have self-destructive behavior, have been wounded spiritually, or are physically ill and hindered from doing God’s work. Sometimes there are mysteries in your life that hold you back from receiving what God has for you. An evangelist is sent as a messenger to convey the answer, the solution, or the cure that can only be found in Christ.

I have seen this in my past. I have always had a heart for people who are hurting and need help; those who just can’t get over the hump in life. Before I really knew my calling, I was already walking in my calling. Always remember that when you have the Holy Spirit, you will manifest aspects of your calling before you ever step into the fullness of your calling. David tended sheep before he became king of Israel. The Hebrew word for king is the same word for shepherd! God prepares you in advance for how you will serve Him.

Evangelism is not about numbers. If your efforts are simply to add to the church rolls, then you are not operating in true evangelism. This makes you a Pharisee, not a representative of Christ. True evangelism is best summed up by Paul’s words in I Corinthians 9:22b, “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.”  True Evangelism is seeking to help those of all stations of life with whatever they need to be all they be in Christ. Church, let’s offer the cure; let’s offer the solution. Let’s be light and salt; let’s bring life to this dead and dying world. Let’s have…

~An Evangelist’s Heart

About Evangelist Kelly McDonald, Jr.

Child of God, Servant of God, Evangelist, Blogger, and Writer
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