The Gospel of the Kingdom of God – Part 2

The Kingdom of God in a believer is the greatest miracle we will ever experience. It is the transformation from earthly to heavenly, from material to spiritual. How do we show this Kingdom to others? Power is how the Kingdom of God enters into this natural world. Because this world has its set ways and fixed laws, it requires a higher power than humans to cause a change. In I Corinthians 4:20, Paul said, “The Kingdom of God does not depend on talk, but on power.” People like to talk at church. There are committee meetings, business meetings, personnel meetings, etc. There is a lot of talk in churches today. Talk is not what gets the gospel of Christ out. It is the power of God that advances His Kingdom purposes. The word power can have different meanings based on its usage and context in the Bible. There are different manifestations of power discussed in the Bible used by God to advance His Kingdom purposes. There are several ways that the Kingdom of God within us manifests outside of us.

The first manifestation of power in our lives should be the power of salvation, which is a changed life. For us to go from a life of living contrary to God to living a life for God, it requires power. It requires an intervening force. When we go from being a thief to a giver, that is God’s power manifesting. It is contrary to natural way of humans. When a person goes from drunkenness to sober and sound-minded, then that is God’s power manifesting. The natural course of humans is to be selfish and hurt others. There are mindsets that are destructive. We each as humans experience hurt, pain and suffering. Most people live their entire lives in these strongholds. Only God can free us.

In our world, politics is defined as “Who gets what when where and why?” It is the distribution of scarce resources. The vast of abundance of God’s Kingdom will be poured out through many people to many people. He will use the Spirit of God to bring this forth into people’s lives.

I would like to focus on one particular aspect of this Kingdom that the Lord is going to bring about through His children: healing.

If you are injured, the natural course of life is for you to nurse your injury until you recover. The Kingdom of God defies the natural realm. Therefore, by proclaiming the Kingdom to others, there will be manifestations that defy the natural realm. For instance, if someone has a broken arm and you pray for them to be healed in Jesus name. The broken arm being healed is a sign of God’s Kingdom to that person. It is an invitation and a wooing from God to enter into the World of Tomorrow. This is reiterated by Christ’s own words. In Luke 10:9, Jesus said, “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you’”.  The Creator of the Universe rules the Kingdom of God. To see a change in Creation is a sign that the Kingdom of the Creator is at work!

About Evangelist Kelly McDonald, Jr.

Child of God, Servant of God, Evangelist, Blogger, and Writer
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