Teshuvah Week #2: Deep Prayer and Intercession



During Week #2 of Teshuvah, you want to spend time in deep prayer and intercession. We should always pray, but this week spend extra time doing so. Make it a focus of your week. During Week #1, we spent time repenting for our sins. We looked deep into our hearts, mind, actions, and even motivations. Now that we are clean, we can press in for others.

Specifically, we want to pray for lost friends and family members. Those of us who are believers now have received God’s mercy. We want to pray for others to receive that mercy as well. Ask God for opportunities to share His Love and Mercy with others. Also, we want to pray for family members who are saved but need a greater revelation of God’s truth or His Spirit. We want people to be fully on fire for God. It’s even a great idea to pray for people in the Body of Christ (either locally or at large) who need these things. There is a great turning away from God’s Word in all kinds of churches. We want people to repent and turn to Him.

We cannot choose for people; they must choose. However, we can pray that they experience everything necessary to receive the grace given.

In Leviticus 16, we learn about the ritual of Atonement. The first thing the high priest had to do was make a sacrifice for his own household. Once this was completed, he could make sacrifices for the nation. Once we get right, we can press in to help others.

Let’s press in and bombard the heavens with deep prayer and intercession! You will be amazed at how God works in this season.


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