Now Available: Blood Moons and the End of the Age!!!!

Blood Moons Pic

Now Available: Blood Moons and the End of the Age!!!!

After a much anticipated release, my newest book: Blood Moons and the End of the Age is now out! This is probably the most researched book (along with my book on the US in prophecy) that I have written!

In recent years, there has been much talk about the appearance of “Blood Moons” in the sky. In this book, you will learn how the appearance of Total Lunar Eclipses (called “Blood Moons”) is tied to American History, persecutions of Jewish people and Christians, as well as the Crusades. In this book we will review how the recent Tetrad of Blood Moons reveals a special message to America and the Body of Christ. God is showing us through the Heavens that the end of the age is near. Let us heed and draw near to Him!

To order this book, CLICK HERE!!!

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