A Tribute to Dr. T.L. Lowery


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A Tribute to Dr. T.L. Lowery

Honesty – Integrity – Daring – Bold – Sincere – Meek – Humble – Uncompromising – Servant’s Heart – Never Ashamed of the Gospel –  Dedicated – Loyal – Passionate

These are just some of the many words that describe the recently passed Thomas Lanier (TL) Lowery. I was very blessed to spend some time visiting with Dr. Lowery, and in our visits he made a tremendous impact on my life.

Called to preach in his teens, TL Lowery has been an Apostolic voice spanning generations. In the mid-1900s, he led a tent crusade campaign across the country praying for thousands to be healed and leading many more thousands to salvation. He was a pioneer, clearing the path for Pentecostals around the world to have a smoother path today. The impact he has had on Pentecostal ministries around the world is invaluable.

He was known for bold, fiery preaching and an uncompromising message of repentance. With sermon titles such as “Qualifications for the Rapture”, he held the standard of holiness throughout the span of his ministry.

Dr. Lowery was also a gifted writer, as he authored many books. One of his most well-known was “Walking in the Supernatural”. It was a book that epitomized his ministry. He was world renowned for supernatural manifestations in his meetings.

He had a deep voice and an exceptional way with words. Due to this, he was one of most quotable human beings who ever graced the earth. Everyone wanted to imitate TL’s voice (including myself). Everyone has a favorite story about TL. There will never be another like him.

He loved God and he loved serving God just as much as anyone I have ever known. He also loved donuts more than anyone I have ever known! The man could eat some donuts!

In his journey on this earth, he was accompanied by his wonderful wife, Mildred. She provided priceless companionship, support, and prayers for him. She preceded him in death.

Though he is gone from this life, we know that he received a warm welcome into the gates of Heaven with the words, “Well done thy good and faithful servant”.

He will be dearly missed. He was a true saint and precious jewel of the Kingdom of God.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of Dr. Lowery in their time of loss.

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