Germany in Prophecy (Part 2)


German Flag


Germany in Prophecy (Part 2)

In our last blog, we looked at the prophetic identity of Germany. We will continue this theme in this blog, but also look at SPECIFIC verses that discuss the future of Germany in world events.

As mentioned before, the Roman Empire was collapsed by the Germanic peoples. The Germans have inherited the mantle of Rome. This further connects Germany to Assyria! The Romans used the eagle as one of their military symbols. The symbol of Imperial Germany is also double headed eagle. One of Assyria’s main gods was nisroch, whose name means great eagle (2 Kings 19:37 ; Isaiah 37:38). Another connection between Rome and the Germanic Kings is the teeth of Iron mentioned in Daniel 7. Rome was renowned for its use of iron weaponry. The Germanic peoples have the same motif from ancient times until today. One of the symbols of the German army has been the Iron Cross.

Prophetic Implications:

#1 – Isaiah 10:12-14 – This prophecy tells us about the King of Assyria (Germany) “erasing the boundaries of nations” with skill and wisdom. Right now, we see Germany erasing the boundaries of Europe through trade and economics. They basically own Greece and set their budget for them. Germany will leverage economics to gain China and other nations as an ally. They have already formed trade agreements with the South American bloc of nations and African nations. Additionally, they will use the Catholic Church to bring South America and sub-Saharan Africa to their side.

#2 – Daniel 9:25-27 mention the 70th week of Daniel, which is a 7 year period. In these verses, we learn that the end will come “like a flood.” In Daniel 11:40-45, we are told the King of the North will swoop down across the King of the South “like a flood.” In Isaiah 8:7, we are told that the Assyrians are the floodwaters. This implicates the Germanic peoples in an attack on the Middle East that will extend the borders of a revived Roman Empire from Europe into North Africa, Middle East, and near the border of India just as the Roman Emperors of old (Alexander the Great also accomplished this feat).

#3 – Daniel 8:23 is a prophecy about the Anti-Christ. He is described as a “stern-faced” king. The Hebrew phrase is Az Melek, and it is only used one other time in the Bible – Isaiah 19:4, which describes the King of Assyria taking over Egypt in the last days. This further ties the king of Germany to the final anti-Christ. Egypt has been in turmoil in recent times due to radical religious extremists.

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