New Booklet: Deciphering Daniel 11


Greetings everyone!

We now have a new booklet available for download!

Deciphering Daniel 11: Key to the Hanukkah Story.

This booklet is a verse by verse commentary of Daniel Chapter 11, which covers the events surrounding the Hanukkah story. Daniel chapter 11 is considered the most detailed prophecy in the entire Bible. God gave Daniel prophecies so detailed that they prove the Bible’s validity and existence. In it, we learn of events from Daniel’s time up until the return of Jesus Christ.

To read this booklet, click the picture above!

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2 Responses to New Booklet: Deciphering Daniel 11

  1. Judy Perrin says:

    Hi Kelly, Happy Hanukkah! I can’t get this to download. Can I order a booklet? Judy Perrin

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