Word #2 for 2015 – “Dynamic”


Open Bible

The second word for your upcoming year is “Dynamic”. I had a vision and I saw the word “Dynamic”. What is a dynamic? We tend to think of the word dynamic as an adjective referring to something that is very expressive and energetic. For instance, we might say, “That was a dynamic presentation!”.

The way that God used this English word in the vision was different. The word dynamic can also be used as a noun referring to “…something that causes something else to change”. The Lord showed me that He is setting up dynamics in your life. There are systems and ways of doing things that He is setting up that are going to be recurring themes for a significant period of time. He is going to initiate new methods of doing business, new connections, new thought patterns and habits, and so forth.

Let me give you a practical example. In my life, the Lord has had me get really organized. I am organized now, but He is telling me to be micro-organized. This was something new for me, so I have started applying these things immediately. This is a dynamic in that is going to allow me to do other things in life. So, things are going to happen to you that might seem out of the ordinary or new. There might even be an intensity increased in the things you are already doing. They are dynamics that will cause other events to occur in the long-term.

Routines and practices in your ministry might change, your financial structure, family life, etc. A “ripple effect” is going to start early on in the year. These changes will open the door for new opportunities. As I write this, it may have already started for you. As God reveals different things to you, start practicing them. Ask God to see the dynamic so you can get in the flow of His will.

Word #3 will come soon!


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